Helpful Information


HMEP Scholars must secure an F-1 Visa to study in the United States. Applications are made through the U.S. Embassy and require an in-person interview at the Embassy. Application for an F-1 Visa may be made 120 days before the start of the selected academic program. Although F-1 Visas are processed quickly in most cases, applications must be made at least 60 days prior to departure for the U.S. For details about the process and necessary documentation, please click the link


The GMAT and TOEFL exams are required but constitute only one part of the selection criteria. Historically, HMEP scholars score between 550-750 on the GMAT and 620-670 on the TOEFL exam. Scores from prior study are accepted, and both tests may be completed multiple times to achieve competitive scores. HMEP provides subsidized fees for one TOEFL exam taken at the Fulbright Center in Budapest. Further details are provided to semi-finalists.


The Missouri universities require HMEP student scholars to purchase health insurance, which is funded by HMEP. The universities provide health insurance information and applications during the orientation/onboarding process for enrollment. It is important to note that optical and dental care are not covered by the health insurance policy. HMEP graduates completing internships through F-1 Visa post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) may need to purchase health insurance coverage at their own expense. The Missouri universities also require proof of vaccination. The list of necessary vaccinations can be found on the universities’ websites.


Recipients who are not able or prefer not to work during the course of studies should plan to have $500 U.S. per month to cover additional living costs. F-1 Visa allows students work on campus while enrolled in a degree program. Graduate assistantships and work study programs are available but are not guaranteed. Students are allowed to participate in unpaid internships as well while enrolled. Since related U.S. visa rules and regulations change over time, the most current and accurate information is provided to the student by the university. Additional costs of the program are round trip airfare between Budapest and St. Louis, GMAT and TOEFL exams fees, visa applications and vaccinations. A lap top computer will also be necessary for coursework.


HMEP provides free housing for students in furnished apartments that are generally located on or near campus. Additional household items are provided to facilitate the first days after arrival in St. Louis. The apartments all have internet connection. The universities provide free passes for public transportation to travel the St. Louis metropolitan area. While more comfortable to travel by car, it is feasible to use only public transit.


HMEP scholarships are matched by HMEP leadership with the appropriate university. Once selected, recipients are contacted by the University to complete its application for admission and provide information about the academic program including pre-requisite courses and schedules, and to assign an academic advisor to assist throughout the course of study. In addition to the universities orientation/on boarding, the HMEP alumni network and current students help HMEP scholars become accustomed to the universities and become more familiar with the St. Louis area.